Sayulita Wellness Retreat

Couples Mushroom & MDMA Retreat: Reconnect with You, Rekindle your Relationship

Find peace of mind and a love that lasts a lifetime

Join us at our Couples Wellness Retreat and embark on a journey of rediscovery and connection. Your love story deserves to be celebrated and cherished. Recharge your love and write the next chapter of your journey with us

Are you and your partner in need of a well-deserved break?

Our exclusive Couples Wellness Retreat is the perfect destination to rekindle your love and take your relationship to new heights.

Escape the Daily Grind: Our ocean front penthouse offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle, providing you with the ideal environment to reset and recharge.

Reconnect and Recharge: Relationships can face their fair share of obstacles, but it’s essential to take time for each other. At our retreat, you and your partner will rediscover what brought you together in the first place. We believe that when you and your partner are in sync, your relationship’s potential knows no bounds.

Revitalize Your Love: Our expertly crafted focus sessions are designed to rekindle the spark in your relationship. Gain clarity on how to nurture your love and deepen your connection. Strengthen the foundation of your relationship and experience a renewed sense of passion and intimacy.

Boost Happiness and Connection: Research shows that couples who invest in their relationship experience a 150% increase in happiness and intimacy. By dedicating time to your partnership, you’ll witness the remarkable growth of your love.

About Psilocybin

Our Psilocybin is carefully curated to facilitate a deep connection with your inner self. Its properties are known to enhance mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual awakening, creating an environment conducive to personal growth and healing.

Couples Psilocybin Retreat

What's Included:

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